Pool & Hot Tub Wiring

When installing a pool or hot tube it is fundamental that you trust your electrician to do the job correctly. Water and electricity can be a very dangerous combination and as such hot tub and pool wiring require the experienced hands of a qualified electrician. At EMV, we are experts in wiring pools and hot tubs. With our work you can rest assured that your pool and/or hot tube will be wired properly, efficiently, and most of all safely.

Hot Tub Wiring

Hot tubs are excellent for relaxation during your down time. Our team of electricians have years of experience wiring hot tubs
and are all licensed and bonded to ensure your safety. With the work that we do you can relax in the knowledge that you and your family are free from any potential electrical hazard while using the hot tub.

Pool Wiring

Residential pools require a significant amount of wiring in order to be maintained properly. The dangers that can arise arise as a result of poorly maintained pools are numerous and for this reason it is important to make sure that all the wiring is done correctly. EMV’s experience in pool wiring will ensure that your pool is properly wired and safe for use.